Mr Potter, a beloved pony, lived his retirement out in luxury at Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary from February 1980 until August 1989. With a lot of detective work, I had traced the History of this fantastic Pony aided by the fond memories of retired miners from the local coal pits. My own life has been enriched and made perfect by working with the joy of Helping Old Horses.

Big as they come in the Shire style horse, Guiness standing 7'6" to his ears, built like a Brick Outhouse, black as coal with a white frothy face that obviously earned him his title of Guiness. He had become a dangerous 'tank type horse' with lashing back feet. Polly had spent a great deal of time and money in love of this great horse but somewhere in his history he had been spoilt like a kitten by ignorance of the deadly habit of selfishness which when he was around other horses he would barge, kick and scream to capture their food.

Every day that we all wake up it is a new dawn to a new day. The sun gets up every day with a smile. We who are born, raised, reared and life enhanced by the sun should smile back each day in thanks. Each person has the freedom to start their day as they wish. Some unfortunately awake with gloom in gloomy surroundings which makes their mind dismal and pessimistic to a point of drudge outlook. If you are reading this and agree then please take in the following: Outside of your dismal room, just beyond the window there is a chattering mass of wildlife all waking with happiness to greet each day. As is the saying ‘Throw open wide your window and let the sunshine in’. Get from your bed into your shoes and clothing and step outside and just gaze, walk a few yards and gaze at the awesome beauty of nature. 

Guinness was certainly a handful and had ingrained bad habits. I did not want to keep him separated from the other horses, we do not have finance and facilities for individual groom. I had hoped that the long legged large horses would collectively put him in his place.

It was soon realised that Guinness could seriously hurt one or other of these large horses who were mostly old and gentle. Guinness did not take kindly to any of them and disappointed me that he was not actively seeking a friend. He simply wanted a large amount of space and first choice of everyone’s food.

My only desire is that when I leave this wonderful earth where we are privileged to live a length which is only a blink of an eyelid to the universe, I hope to have tens, if no thousands of children to learn country ways of growing up, wonderful respect for animals and wildlife and to continue the Sanctuary in perpetuation. (Help Us Get Kids Safely Off Streets ‘HUGKIDSsos’)

We are not wrong as a horse sanctuary to take these poor little calves and lambs for they can grow and enjoy a useful adult life doing their share towards the natural ecology of the Sanctuary grazing.

She would make her way two miles up the road to a patch of open land where a handsome horse was tethered. This fine bay horse would prance around on his chain and call that beautiful shrill nostril flared call of the wild that we thrill to hear.

Greetings to you on my annual report of the wonderful life we enjoy here. there is nothing more enjoyable than being the bearer of good news. You will read of my achievements all made possible by my meeting with an Exmoor Pony. 

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Join us on this exiting project to end the misery for every unwanted/discarded/dumped Horse. Billy Wilson is the entrepreneur who in 1977 established the first Horse Sanctuary in Britain. His devotion to alleviating Horse Abuse is legendary, and he now offers his expertise. Billy is to be joined by Tim Budd, longest serving Farrier, Lorna Turner, Farmers Daughter, Horse Yard Expert. All Donations are hugely appreciated and can be made to :-www.charitygiver.com/charity/ths

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