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Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary

Want to make a Donation? Text THS and your amount to 70085

i.e THS5 = £5.00 Donation


Established by Billy Wilson

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary© 2016 Charity Registered Number 1102444 Commenced in 1976 registered in 1979






Please take a few moments to take a look at what we do here at Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary. 

It would be fantastic if you should choose to support our charity in whatever way you can. If you would like to help by making a donation, please 
Text THS and your amount to 70085.i.e THS5 = £5.00 Donation

Simply browse through our wesbite to read some of the stories from over the past 40 years....straight from the horse's mouth!

Mr Mouse internationally known for creating Tough Guy® Obstacle Running fundraising. Little know that 40 years ago Mr Mouse AKA Billy Wilson, created the very first Horse Sanctuary, as his passion for Horses selfless contribution to our peaceful satisfactory lives.

Now Mr Mouse has created the way forward to help every Unwanted Horse in Britain. This ambition is now reality and is designed to bring Horse back as a desirable Social Service Contribution to Educate Unfortunate Boys & Girls, to Help Get Kids Safely Off Streets.

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary
The Horse Sanctuary Tettenhall


National Horse Abuse Crisis


Unwanted, Abandoned and Neglected HORSES ARE THE WORST ABUSED ANIMAL


I have the solution! We have probably the only Cemetery with permission to bury horses. We also are a 3 generation family devoted to horses.


I foresee a national monument to horse befitting 2018 End of World
War I – Over 2 million horses gave their life, we are obliged to commemorate in November
Horse Remembrance Day.


Fact There is enough money donated by the generous people of Gt Britain to satisfy every need of every horse. That huge sum of money over £700 million donated to Animal Welfare needs is sitting in the bank accounts of charities donation accounts.


With over £200 million specific for equines.


There is no ombudsman to tell them to spend it. A case could be argued that they are guilty of neglecting horses?


Jeremy Vine Radio 2 did on Tuesday April 24th broadcast a terrible shame of horse neglect, unwanted and abandoned. World Horse Welfare person did speak of the awful plight saying that an estimate of 5000 Horses are in desperate need.


The Ultimate Solution - NSPCH

I am writing to all horse charities asking them to put 10% of their reserve funds plus 10% of income to buy 200-400 acres of land adjacent to our land here which has been home to Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary for 40 years. Then we will in partnership with these other charities, set up the administration to take in every unwanted horse and pony in the whole of the UK. Named, National Society For Prevention of Cruelty To Horses – NSPCH.


Each horse will be assessed in health, ability and temperament. Some will be available to go out on loan to prospective requests. Some will be available for a riding school for local children who would love the opportunity which is denied them by their parents inability of Funds, Fear or Favour.


You can observe on our website that for over 35years we have helped and homed many disabled mentally and physically young people to enjoy helping animals for immense satisfaction. Also children from orphanages and lack of parental guidance to become proud and contributing good citizens. This will be a major project, you can read on my Blog ( of my work planning for a Government Supported Project since November 2010 with David Cameron Big Society, guided for 7 years by Gavin Williamson MP now Defence Secretary.

Most horses will graze their life existence sharing pastures with other grazing animals, cattle, deer, alpaca’s, sheep, goat. It is a fact that a variant of animals grazing do assist each other’s resistance to predating worms, bugs and fleas. Also it is know that sheep graze and consume poisonous ragwort in its budding stage, where as the flowers of ragwort are poisonous to internal organs. That the yellow flowers do in the autumn turn to a fine mist of seeds blown in the wind which does harm by regrowth.


Income will be derived from grants to help young people, displaced and disabled, a visitors park , fundraising and donations from those using riding facilities or horses on loan plus national fundraising.


Thence when the horses life comes to an end, their bodies will be buried to return to the earth and fertilise the grass and herbs to feed the next generations.


There is today a national movement to replenish the soils of our lands, which have been agro-chemically fertilised for over 50 years. These chemicals affect our root vegetable foods and is now thought to be the cause of many illnesses and ailments.


I will now regularly update the progress with your assistance in campaigning. We will together achieve this ambition in a very short space of time.


Ever Smiling,

Billy Wilson



Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary originated in 1976,
established as a charity in 1978 with :-


* A dozen horses saved

from slaughter

*  A dozen Wayward youths taken off the streets to help with field management


* A dozen honorable people pledged to raise the

necessary funds.

Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary

It has been the leading light for most of the other emerging sanctuaries. In 35 years we are still the only reliable 24 hour service to stray and abandoned horses in the

Black Country.

In the year 2016 ten of those original horses are still alive and enjoying pasture pleasure, two original waywards kids have matured and stayed and two of the original fundraisers are pledged here for life.

Where It Began


Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary, Jenny Walkers Lane, Old Perton,
South Staffordshire, WV6 7HB

Tel: 01902 764422 | Facebook: @thehorsesanctuary 

Want to make a Donation? Text THS and your amount to 70085. i.e THS5 = £5.00 Donation

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