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Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary Annual Repor 


Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary

Charity No. 1102444

Caring for the countryside and all creatures welfare

Greetings to you on my annual report of the wonderful life we enjoy here.

There is nothing more enjoyable than being the bearer of good news. 


In this package you will read of my achievements all made possible by my meeting with an Exmoor Pony and reading the wonderful book written by Exmoor Pony Golden Gorse the Grand Father of mousie whom I bought here in 1978. I handled him and rode him, I hugged him until one day he decided to show me that horses do not like too much human fuss. He kicked out at me, his hind foot hit my chest gently, I knew that it was a simple warning. His leg could easily have extended another inch to kill me.


On another occasion this photograph of William my son with a new born foal. I clicked the camera then picked William up. Mouser rushed over, picked up the foal in his teeth, smashed it to the ground and trampled it to death then walked away with the mother of the foal. I was shocked. I took William to my wife, Celia, I then returned with a shovel and buried this foal where he lay. I felt terribly guilty.


Until I had the film developed my intimate studies of the patterns which the hairs of the Exmoor pony grow for protection against all weathers (Exmoor ponies thoroughly dislike stables, their hair is not a coat, it is a house!).


Whorles and ripples are an indication of health, looking closely at the picture of this foal, the whorles on its forehead and ripples on its back indicate that the foal was mentally disabled. That mousers genetic intelligence as a seven year old stallion told him to put the foal out of its misery, its mother had left it there for purpose. I had snatched a photo opportunity, mousers respect for me and William had delayed his leadership decision.


Yes, I am writing a book on my unique experience of simply sitting for days and nights with the herds on Exmoor with my one time dream ambition to travel with a herd of Exmoor ponies from North America to Canada across the Bering Straits through Russia, following the Northern Migration route of the original ponies which colonized the world thousands of years before mankind.



Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

I had bought the herd of mares around mouser the stallion, I had found sponsor and preparations had began.


Then my daughter Tracey who had started Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary had said “Dad, I am off to see the world, The Horse Sanctuary charity is not bringing in enough to keep itself so will you please give away the 60 horses we have rescued.” When Tracey was 10 years old her teacher said to me “I have to tell you that Tracey is not academic like her 2 older brothers, but she is the happiest child I have ever had the pleasure to teach.” I said ok that is how she will be brought up: in total happiness to whatever she wants to do. Tracey said to me “I haven’t got to have a stepmother have I?” No, I assured her.


Horses, Ponies and Donkeys had brought me to meet Celia. So I called my 3 children older together. I had reared them as a single parent for 10 years. I said “you are all well on your way, I have bought you houses and taught you how to earn a living so now it is my turn to enjoy my life. I am going to marry Celia.” They were stunned at losing part of me. I proposed to Celia, she said yes, in the autumn on a Monday or a Thursday in 1982, so preparations were begun.


Tracey then said “3 guys want to marry me”. I analysed each of them for her. Then Andy Taylor arrived and asked if he could marry Tracey, I said “Hang on, I am in the middle of planning my wedding with Celia.” Can’t wait they said, we have booked a big showbiz wedding in L.A. I wished them the best but I was too busy to attend and off they went to tour the world. 

In 1983, having settled into a heavenly marriage, I said to Celia “you need children but I don’t know whether I could cope with all that nappy business again!” after discussions I said yes on one condition, that they are all born on my Birthday. Everyone should believe in proper family planning so I announced to Tracey that Celia was pregnant on target for July 15th 1984. Celia had to have caesarian birth and the damn gynecologist decided to bring William into the world a week early on July 9th 1984. Tracey had rushed to bed when I had told her of Celia’s pregnancy. She gave birth to Andrew on August 20th 1984.


I then remembered Tracey at 10 and a half years old saying “I haven’t got to have a stepmom have I?” she had rushed to beat me to get married but she could not beat me to produce a new brother for her.


This is a beautiful story for everyone to know how important it is to listen to children’s intelligence. My book will teach everyone that we as humans can learn everything of how to live superbly peaceful lives by reading my analysis of Exmoor Pony Herd Laws.

You can start by subscribing to The Exmoor Pony Society:-

Address: Woodmans, Brithem Bottom, Cullompton, Devon EX15 1NB

Email: secretary(at)




I am probably the only man alive who knows the human author who put pen to paper to write this book for Golden Gorse Exmoor Pony Grand Father To Mousie.


Finally, my daughter Verity, who today with William do all of the work to look after the many Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and Dogs here at the Sanctuary and assist police calls at all hours with strays and problems. Verity was due birth July 15th 1985, one year after William.

That same Damn gynecologist decided to leave her in the womb for a week longer, Verity Floss was born on July 22nd 1985.


We are probably the happiest family in the world. All thanks to ‘Moorland Mousie’.  





This story was written with photographs of me and Mouse on November 14th 2016.




Today, Tuesday 8th November 2016, a very frosty morning at 8o’clock we have found Mouser in serious trouble. He has slipped down into a ditch backwards and is in great difficulties.


We brought in our heavy lifting gear together with assistance from our work team we have lifted him to the barn stable. I brought in the Veterinary to give him painkillers, he rested then at 2:15pm.


We all gathered and got him to his feet for a walk around. He has gone back to rest. I have cared for him throughout the night but I am afraid that his strength has gone.


I am arranging for a taxidermist to preserve this wonderful friend of mine. He will live in our house by the side of Mr Potter who went in a very similar way, 30 years ago.

Book no.1
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