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7am Wednesday 28th August


Big Guiness wandered into a Water Canal. Over one Ton of Great Horse needed immediate Rescue. 1 Hour later, Guiness resumes his beautiful life.


It was a warm early morning when i found Guiness, he was looking unfazed nibbling grass on the side of the Canal, but no amount of choice feed could lure him out.

Calling the Fire Brigade was an option but knowing that they may take too long I decided to use my sling rope skills. The rope had to be tight enough to haul one ton of Horse out, yet be loose enough to release him once he was out.

In our first attempt we pulled him the to The Bank, where he knelt for a breather, then opened his legs to stand and OH NO! He slipped back in. He went immediately back to the centre and refused the coax of Oats bucket.

Now it was necessary to recall back to the days when Guiness arrived. How I had to find the telepathic link. I looked Guiness in the eye and with a whistle and strong thoughts I deleted his gaze to a different shore land up.

We pulled the rope gently around him and guided Guiness to the lure. Now I was thinking of how the Pyramids were built because moving a ton of horse demanded a few more hands than we had on duty. Then came the thoughts of using Guiness's own strength to his advantage. Plus the pull of his big girlfriend, I arranged the slip knot rope around his rear end and pulled through his front legs, tied a harness to a JCB then gently pulled his rear end to rise his front legs to the shore. With a flash as quick as lighting Guiness was out, soon up and grazing merrily as if nothing unusual happened on my tour of duty.

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