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HUGKIDSos (Help Us Get Kids Safely Off Streets)


Verity and William, my children, have been training to run The Horse Sanctuary since they were old enough to sit on a pony. Most of you will know the wonderful stories of their growing up sitting on the back of a tractor on the daily feeding routines and of course on every Christmas Day we love our days of peace with no staff about, we gleefully get up early to not miss one niche of this glorious day. Down the fields first thing with carrots and oats for the horses, corn for the wild birds of the forest and lakes.  Then to stand in awe at the wonderful silence as we give thanks to God for all of our progress and the booming health of the animals in our care. 

William and Verity are accomplished Veterinary Nurses, they are accomplished Eyes of Horse Whispering, accomplished in all needed aspects of horse management, dog management, all animals of field and feather management, tidy stables and kennels management, office and computer management.


They did not go to school, they were Home Taught and self taught purely by devotion to duty.


When they were born I vowed that before they were 7 years old they would never know Anger, Greed, Bitterness, Hate, Jealousy, Laziness nor evil of any kind. We brought them up as proper country loving children, no plastic, no television, we made our own games and entertainment after dinner and before bedtime.


That, may I tell you, is the making of perfect children. 

My only desire is that when I leave this wonderful earth where we are privileged to live a length which is only a blink of an eyelid to the universe, I hope to have tens, if no thousands of children to learn country ways of growing up, wonderful respect for animals and wildlife and to continue the Sanctuary in perpetuation. (Help Us Get Kids Safely Off Streets ‘HUGKIDSsos’)

HUGKIDSos - Help Us Get Kids Safely Off Streets

"The highlights of my life at the Sanctuary have been in helping unfortunate kids to find a great welcome here and to give them the wonderful opportunity to groom and care for a pony to call their own. There is a magic attached to interaction of love with an equine. It is how and why I got involved way back in 1976. It is my firm belief that this type of activity out in the countryside learning from the strength of horses, ponies, donkeys and other animals".

I am pleased to see that a national effort called ‘HOOF’ with Katie Price has been started to do what I have been singing for 30 years. ‘Get the Kids involved with horses at an early age and we can change the wickedness of our streets.’

Today we work with disabled, learning difficulties and rag tags who show marvelous empathy with the animals. I have also set up a teaching school to teach how to tame and create family dogs from unwanteds, see 

We also have a Puppy School of Excellence to teach how to rear puppies to be forever loved and not cast out to a rescue centre. This employs 8 people who would otherwise be out of work and into mischief.


I have hundreds of stories over the years and continue to bring you the joy of reading my success in human Sanctuary needs.


"Margery Dawdle the Orphan (25 years ago) ‘Found’ Ginger Red, Dog? Bear?"

Margery lived in a council run home for unwanted children years ago called the Cottage Home Orphanage.

One day I was called by the Matron for help as one of the girls had brought home a large red dog which looked like a bear.


So I went down to the Wdnesfield home, there in the garden was a small Shetland pony, he was red and because it was cold winter, his coat of hair was blown up like balloon hairs making him look like a woolly bear.


I was told that Margery had found him and brought him home. 

“Ginger at least 30 years old near blind mostly deaf but so very happy”. 

Tinker, the red and white tiny Shetland pony died because she had the most awful feet problems because of early neglect and her toes horn hooves curled up so that she walked on her hocks. But before she died she gave birth to Tiny Tinker, our beloved ‘deformed’ beauty.


Margery stayed with the Sanctuary until she got to 18 years old and we were so pleased to occasionally see her settled down as a good mother herself although the circumstances of upbringing meant that the environment she was most happy in is the less salubrious area of town. Happiness is everything.

I took the pony in to the Sanctuary and invited Margery and 6 others to come to the Sanctuary to groom and look after ponies. A couple of weeks later Margery ‘found’ another small pony, this time red and white, which I had seen before many times. This was a pony that I had collected for the Police (a number of times) as it was always wandering around the streets in Bushbury area. So my suspicions were aroused. On questioning Margery, she had walked along the railway track and these ponies were a couple of miles away. They belonged to the gypsy encampment who were pleased to hear that I had the ponies and that I could keep them. Ginger is still here and in fine health although he is totally blind and mostly deaf. He lives happily with Lucy, is companion. 

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