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Tettenhall Horse Sanctuary

Charity No. 1102444

Caring for the countryside and all creatures welfare

National Donkey Alert

“Lock up your Donkeys” Report from Billy Wilson

How lucky we are to have 30 guard dogs on the farm. On Wednesday 7th April at 4am I was alerted by their alarm barking.


I rushed out to find a group of wicked men leading our donkeys across the fields. I released the dogs and gave chase.

The men ran off. The police in this district are unfortunately thin on the ground.

Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

The fact is that donkeys have now become valuable, attracting prices of £500/£600 at auctions. Donkeys have became extremely scarce, and even in Ireland, where hundreds used to be bred, there are very few donkeys.


The vacuum has been caused by Donkey Sanctuaries where thousands of donkeys live in protected peace. Donkeys however were never evolved to live in great herds, just small family groups.


There is only one way to stop what will become of a terrifying journey and fate for poor donkeys on a national scale. That is to prevent the demand. 

Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary
Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary
Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

I want everyone concerned by this alert to write to The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon, who have the largest budgets. Or of course any Donkey Sanctuary that you know with huge numbers of donkeys. Alert them and ask them to set up a broad rehoming policy. The Donkey Sanctaury have several thousand donkeys plus the huge finances necessary to offer everyone who wants a donkey the opportunity to adopt one or two on a controlled and monitored basis.


Please, everyone, before this business becomes nasty, write your letter.

Meanwhile we have set up a night patrol and are having floodlights fitted to protect our 15 very old donkeys that would face a life of misery if they were stolen to be made pregnant to satisfy the greed of unscrupulous dealers.

Book no.1

Magical Healing Waters 


Lucy is 30 years at the Sanctuary and looking young as the day she arrived. If she could speak she would quickly say that her wonderful life here and her perfect health following g a really difficult start is due to the magical spring fresh water that flows out of the hillside and provides all sustenance.


Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

Tiny Tinker

What more difficult start of life could she have had?

Born deformed, a PONY born deformed and living normal every day life into a grand old age is nothing short of a miracle! All this is aided by drinking pure spring waters that were once renowned as a spa for Elizabethan courtiers.

Bobby is also 30 years here at the Sanctuary, he struggled through last winter and we have decided that he, the donkeys and all of the older ponies and horses must spend most of the winter in a warm barn. 

Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary
Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

Eddie the cream donkey, Tuppence skewbald pony had lived most of their lives on a busy railway embankment in Bilston. The kind lady who cared for them asked for sanctuary. They have lived here happily for more than 25 years.

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Donkeys and Sponkeys

“Jose came last year as a small foal to join our gang of donks. The wonderful grass pastures have grown him to be bigger than the others.” 
“Do you need any words to describe the happiness in these pictures except that the love of Donkey especially a baby donkey is a present from Heaven.”
“By sponsoring a donkey £5 per month we can buy more from the meat man.” 

What is a sponkey? – It is a cross between a donkey and a sponsor raising Tough Guy – they each enjoy carrots.

Carrots are juicy tasties for being a good boy, the rooted red variety will gladden any donkey. The routed red star variety listed below will gladden your noble efforts for our charity. The millennium year 2000 we launched ‘HUGKIDS’ – Help Us Get Kids Off the Streets.

Many organisations have since realized that our duty is to teach kids by example. How to respect and care for the wonderful world of giving instead of grabbing. Donkeys show us a sweet nature ‘Strength by Gentleness contained’. 

Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary
Billy Wilson Horse Sanctuary

Every day that we all wake up it is a new dawn to a new day. The sun gets up every day with a smile. We who are born, raised, reared and life enhanced by the sun should smile back each day in thanks. Each person has the freedom to start their day as they wish. Some unfortunately awake with gloom in gloomy surroundings which makes their mind dismal and pessimistic to a point of drudge outlook. If you are reading this and agree then please take in the following: Outside of your dismal room, just beyond the window there is a chattering mass of wildlife all waking with happiness to greet each day. As is the saying ‘Throw open wide your window and let the sunshine in’. Get from your bed into your shoes and clothing and step outside and just gaze, walk a few yards and gaze at the awesome beauty of nature. My world of wonder and ability to take on ten, twenty, thirty jobs to think about to help others is guided by what I see on waking. First there is a whole gang of 85 dogs all eager to greet and get out to shout (bark) at being alive. Then we walk the fields and see a host of beautiful creatures, flowers and trees. It makes you want to sing Every Day!

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